Frequently Asked Questions

When I opened the box and pulled out the barrel, I hear something inside the barrel rattling…?
It is common for the barrel to have small pieces of wood inside. Your barrel is charred internally and can cause pieces from the inside to separate from the body. THIS IS GOOD NEWS! The more charred surface contact with the spirit, the faster it will age. Simply strain the spirit before drinking.
How do I cure my barrel?
All barrels need to swell to ensure proper function. Use boiling or hot water and fill your barrel to the top through the bung hole. When doing this, place in an area that allows for seepage coming through the wood (i.e. kitchen sink, outside, tub etc…) Although there may be no leaks immediately, the wood does need to swell internally for a period of time before use, a minimum of 3-5 days is preferred. Curing the wood will minimize the absorption of precious spirit into the body of the barrel. DO NOT SUBMERGE YOUR BARREL IN WATER!!!
The hoops are loose or have fallen off… What do I do?
Our barrels are handmade without the use of any nails. As the wood dries the barrel shrinks and hoops loosen. Hooping is fitted in location but is only stabilized after the curing process when the barrel swells into place due to the expansion of the wood. Simply hand force the hoop into its proper location and slightly tap the banding’s side with a blunt item around the entire circumference of the barrel until tight. Then proceed to the curing process.
My barrel is taking on a blackish color:
This is referred to as “leaching”. All barrels can produce a discoloration during the curing process. As the water makes its way through the wood, it will push out coloration from anything in its way. This is perfectly normal and seen in all commercial barrels in the beer, wine and distilling world.
When I turn my spigot, nothing is coming out:
Physics 101…remove the bung when dispensing to release pressure and allow for airflow.
What are the barrels made from?
Our barrels are made from premium quality American White Oak. The staves are air dried for two years and all barrels have a medium char.
How many times can I use my barrel?
With proper care, you can use your barrel for 8 to 10 years. Following the cleaning and re-charing instructions will insure a long life for your product and be sure to not let your barrel dry out.
I left my barrel dry for an extended time. Now it leaks… what do I do?
In many cases just re-cure the barrel. If it continues leaking, submerge the barrel in water for a couple of days. After it’s been submerged, dry the exterior with a towel and fill it with water to see if it continues to leak. If so, find the leak and apply barrel wax to the hole… If you can’t stop the leaking… cut in half and use as a planter!
How do I clean my barrel?
When aging hard spirits such as whiskey, rum or tequila, clean the barrel after two or three batches (or every 1 to 2 years). For wine, cider, liquor or other low alcohol content spirits, clean after each batch. To prevent the barrel from drying out and minimize the possibility of contamination, barrels should always be stored full with spirits or water with sterilizing solution. ***See cleaning package directions for exact mixture quantities.
How do I store my barrel?
When storing the barrel fill the barrel with a mixture of sterilizing tablets and cool water. Fill the barrel with the solution and leave in a cool place until you are ready to use again.
What about shipping?
We have fast and reliable shipping! We ship via priority mail with 1 to 2 day shipping with-in the US & 6 to 8 business days outside of the US.

During peak seasons order processing may take a bit longer.

Our Sublimated dog collars are handmade to order and may take up to 6 business days for production.

Some items may ship separately

What is your return policy?
We stand by our products! If you are unsatisfied for any reason we will refund you upon return of the product. Contact us before returning your product so we know to be on the lookout for your return.
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